20 February 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Chocolate


1. Chocolate

Who doesn’t love M&M’s? 

I remember, as a kid, I would pick and eat all the orange M&M’s first,

then I would make my way to green and red.



2. Numbers

The number pad to “call” for an elevator in our building.  You key in the floor you want to go to and it “assigns” you an elevator.  Once you are assigned an elevator (either A, B, C, or D), you could get to your floor only via the assigned elevator.  There are no buttons inside the elevator itself, so if you get on the wrong elevator, you’ll have to ride it back down to the lobby and punch in your floor again to get another elevator assigned to you.



3.  Canned Food

If I were to have a favorite canned food, this would be it --except for their Alphabet Soup.  I never liked it as a kid.  I still don’t like it now.



4.  Music

A sampling of the many CDs I have…

I think I might be the only one left who still has CDs.

They are taking up far too much space.

Maybe it’s time for an iTouch or some similar gadget…


5.  Stack

This was the easiest prompt ever.  There are stacks everywhere around here. 

I keep meaning to clean up and organize everything. 

As soon as everything had been sorted and organized – just! –

I’d have to repeat the process all over again.  It never ends.




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