27 February 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Sky

1.  Sky
It’s been hazy and gray lately that I despaired of ever getting a nice sky shot,
but Thursday was a sunny day and we decided to take the kids to Ocean Park again. 
This is a balloon ride that they have there.  We’ve never been on it. 
The queues were just too long each time.
2.  Every Day
3.  Furry
Stuffed pandas at the souvenir shop at Ocean Park.
4.  Life
Zoë’s name is of Greek origin and means "life".
5.  Blurred
Here Zoë’s pretending to be a cowgirl (while on the merry-go-round).
The blurred motion is of her holding the brim of her {imaginary} cowgirl hat
and then proceeding to pretend to fling it off her head with a loud “Yee-haw!”


The Paper Mama

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