09 March 2011

Catching Up with Friends

Chris and I had a chance to meet up with three of my ex-colleagues last night.  Shaz and Dave stopped by Hong Kong en route to Malaysia for their wedding later this week.  It was great meeting Dave and it was so good to catch up with everyone. 

hk-by-night-(web)Hong Kong skyline, shot through the glass panels of the restaurant windows

When we were working together, none of us were married yet.  Now, three of us are married; two of us have kids; one is getting married this weekend.  We have all moved on. 

Elsa-on-the-phone-BW-(web)E on the phone, looking prettier than ever

The three of us who are here in Hong Kong haven’t seen each other for almost a year;  I haven’t seen Shaz in over two years, I think, since she last visited Hong Kong after having moved to New Zealand.


Yet, last night, it was just like the old days –with none of the stress of looming deadlines and deliverables. Just an easy, laid back night of chatter and good cheer… and good food (Peking duck, anyone?).  And some cute entertainment from little A, who thoroughly enjoyed being out with the grown-ups.


We are all so very happy for Shaz and Dave.


Dave seems like such a great guy and he clearly adores our friend.

Dave and Shaz, may the road ahead of you be filled with love and lasting joy.


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