11 March 2011

I Heart Faces | Fix-It Friday # 90

The original


Fix-It #1

Fix-It #2Fix-It2(bw)

What I did:  Adjusted levels and curves.  Used PW’s “Bring Out the Eyes” action on her eyes.  Added vignette.  Sharpened.  Ran AMP’s Berries n Cream action and then brushed off (Opacity at 38%) all areas, except the face and arms.  Sampled a tone near her eyes and brushed (opacity at 10%) along under her eyes to lighten the shadows. Sharpened for web. 
For Fix-It #2, I simply used Fix-It #1 and ran MCP’s “Take Action on Cancer Awareness” and tuned on the Peach Ribbon, but dialed it down to about 7%.  Further ran AMP’s “Tints|Hazes|Overlays” and switched on Vanilla Overlay and Plum Haze, but each time adjusting down to about 6-7%.

Looking at the edits now, I wish I had cloned out the distracting bit on the upper left hand corner, but I’m just too tired to go back and redo everything (I don’t save psd files!).  And my heart is just not in it tonight after seeing and hearing the devastating news of what happened in Japan.  My prayers go to all those in Japan and other affected areas.


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