16 March 2011

Reward Stickers


Zoë just walked up to me one morning
while I was sitting in front of my computer (where else?).
She had a sheet of stickers and she reached up and put three on my shirt.
Here is a sticker for taking care of us.
Here is another one for loving us.
Here is one more for loving everybody.

Then she walked to the study to where Chris was and did the same to him.
She gave him one extra for taking a walk with me.
Have I mentioned that she is the sweetest little girl ever? 


It’s equal parts funny and endearing how she “rewarded” us. 
It totally made my heart melt.  This is but one of the joys she brings to our lives. 
These unexpected moments of utter sweetness that just catch us off guard.
Just because. Just because she is Zoë.


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