05 March 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Diptych


1.  Diptych

I’d forgotten to bring a book with me, so to keep from getting bored I played around with my camera while riding the train the other day.  Sitting directly across from me was this old lady.  Not wanting to point my camera directly at her, I’d pretended to play around with the dials and set it so that I could shoot looking at the screen instead of the viewfinder.  I was a bit nervous that she might catch on, because each time I took a shot,  you could hear the clicks, but she was too busy eating her orange to notice.  We’re not supposed to eat on the train, but she might have been too hungry to care.  {I wish I had the courage to take a shot of her face.  She had such an interesting face…  I love taking pictures of seniors.  The lines on their faces, the look in their eyes tell so much.}



2.  Book

I saw this idea in Fraulein Klein’s blog and thought I’d give it a try.  I kind of like how this turned out.



3.  When I think how ___ is in the ____ I just have to _____

When I think how happy Zoë is on the merry-go-round, I just have to let her go on as many times as she wants!

(This is a different shot from last week’s entry, but taken on the same day.)


The Paper Mama


4.  A Taste of Italy

My mom is here visiting and Josh, ever since the pizza-making party that he’d attended, Josh has been crazy about pizza. He requested that we make our own and my mom, who makes really, really great pizza, obliged.



5.  Reminders

I was able to catch our postman delivering the mail today and I had the chance to finally ask him what those things sticking out of the mailboxes are.  He patiently explained that he sticks those in to help remind him that mail going to those addresses are to be forwarded along to a different address, because those people have moved.


And check out this little penlight strapped to his wrist…


He told me that he personally fashioned that light so that he could better read the addresses in areas where the lighting is not optimal.  It’s angled just right so that the light shines on the address labels on the envelopes.  Isn’t it neat?


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