20 March 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Shoes

1.  Shoes
A shoeshiner in the alley next to the Pedder Building in Central.shoeshine

2.  Stupefaction
These were taken at the recent Hong Kong Flower Show earlier this week. 
The theme this year is Symphony of Spring Flowers.
There were musical signs and notes and animals made out of flowers everywhere!

3. Camera
There were lots of photographers at the Flower Show, many with very fancy equipment.

4.  Camera Phone
I had high hopes of an artistic shot, but I’ve just been too busy lately.
Chris was a good sport to turn on his phone (he was off to bed!) so that I could get a shot.
You could see the new orchids I got from the Flower Show. 
Yes, we might start our orchid collection again (yay!)
5.  Chair
This man was obviously tired from walking around and the only ‘chair’ he could find was this bench.
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