12 April 2011

House Rules

Josh told us that he is a “good boy” when he’s wearing his school uniform.  I said that he should also be good even when he doesn’t have his uniform on.  He complained that it’s too tough.  I asked what the difference is between school and home, given that we have rules at home just as he does at school.  He said that we don’t have our rules up, so they’re hard to remember.  {Oh, he also mentioned something about my having too many rules!}


Okay, if that is what it will take…!  We sat down and decided together on what our house rules would be and we now have the following two posters up on our wall:



Sweet Shot Day Remember-(outlines)


Let’s see if this will help {us} remember!

I reckon we will be revising and adding as we go along.

What are your house rules?


Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

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