26 April 2011

Spending Time with Josh

Josh is on a combined spring/Easter break and because Zoë’s school only has a short Easter break, I had been spending plenty of one-on-one time with my little man.  I am really glad for this, because I feel that I don’t get to spend enough time with him now that he doesn’t come home from school until 3:30pm.

First day of his break, I had to take the car in for a tune-up.  After we left the car at the garage, we took a short walk over to the library less than five minutes away.  We took our sweet time, though.  Both of us had our cameras out and were stopping to take photos.

{A sign propped up by the side of the road offering to buy used electronics}

{The stairs to an overpass.  I call this the Olympics stairs.}Olympic-stairs

{Another one of the orange flowers that I love.
This time the tree from which this flower fell had a sign attached to it that says “Bombax ceiba (Tree cotton).”}Orange-flower2

{It’s not a total concrete jungle… there are still some trees.}

I definitely will be doing more of these walks with Josh.  From the garage, we stopped by to get some groceries, went to the library, took the bus home.  We repeated the process in reverse order that same afternoon when we picked up the car from the garage.  It was definitely a Josh-and-Mommy day and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together!  We had interesting conversations, played some fun guessing games, and just had a really nice time overall.  It absolutely felt like I had a little man for a companion –one who’s fun (and funny!), refreshing, interesting, and sweet (in his own Josh-way).


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