31 May 2011

Lucky Clovers

St. Patrick’s Day may be long over, but Josh and Zoë are still very much fascinated with four-leaf clovers.  Whenever we’re in a grassy field or wherever they see places with lots of plants, they keep their eyes peeled for four-leaf clovers.  They often pluck little weeds and pretend that they are four-leaf clovers. 

When Sonya (Cooking with Sonya) learned about this, she very generously offered to send a couple of plant kits our way –all the way from The Netherlands! (Thank you SO much, Sonya!)

The package arrived and this is what’s inside –two of these plant kits, complete with a tiny ceramic container, two soil disks, and four “seeds.”

This is what the “seeds” look like.

I didn’t take any more photos after these.  I was planting the clovers and decided that since my hands were already dirty from working with the soil, I might as well re-pot some of our plants that outgrew their little pots.

Right now, Josh and Zoë are just super excited to have their own four-leaf clover plant!  Josh is calling his Leafy and Zoë’s is Isabella.  I’ll be keeping you posted on how Leafy and Isabella are doing.

Do you name your plants?
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29 May 2011

I groaned when I saw that one of themes for this week’s scavenger hunt is a self-portrait.  I much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.  Plus, I’ve been shyer about being in the pictures since…well, since I turned 35 and couldn’t shake off the post-baby pounds.  BUT… maybe doing selfies will give me the incentive to work out and eat more sensibly and to glorify more in being 40!

I have to say I felt very silly standing by the doorway to our bathroom and taking pictures.  Turning my head this way and that; holding my camera this way and that.  Looking slightly up so you don’t see my triple-chin.  Smiling. Not smiling. Feeling like I’m one of those girls in The Price Is Right.  You know, the ones who smile broadly as they sweep their arms across the prizes being described, the ones who hold the products up and show a lot of teeth?

Enough yakking. This is me.

2.  On the Floor – This shot was taken with me lying on the floor in our living room, shooting up at our ceiling.  I contemplated shooting something that was lying on the floor (toys mostly!), but this shot of our lights turned out to be quite interesting.

3. Classic Still Life – Okay, I had fun with this, even though I had to scrounge around for what I could use.  A couple of oranges and a dragon fruit on a chopping board.

4.  Lines – I was thinking of queues; Chris was thinking of lines actors have to learn.  We started looking for lines everywhere and free-associating.  We were walking through our car park when Chris pointed out the lines on this BMW.

5.  Fresh – My family is so used to me saying, “Stop! Let me take a picture of this first before you dig in!”  Fried noodles with beef and pepper, served on a sizzling hot plate fresh from the kitchen.

25 May 2011

The Many Faces of a Little Girl

…who brings me so much joy.



Whom I love with all my heart.



For whom I pray hard.


That her life be filled with love and laughter and peace.


That the world be a good, safe, and happy place.

That we all help make it so.

24 May 2011

Beach Party

Josh attended a beach birthday party and the children had tons of fun jumping the waves, building sandcastles, and digging for buried treasure.


What a cool idea for a birthday party, no?  My friend prepared “treasure chests” with little toys and treats and buried them in the sand for the kids to find.  The children all had a blast digging around looking for the treasure chests.


Each shoe box treasure chest had been painstakingly painted over and decorated with various rhinestones and stickers.


Inside each treasure chest was pirate loot the likes of which brought squeals and whoops.  There were gold chocolate coins of all sizes, some lollipops, small toys, fake paper money –stuff that are real ‘treasures’ in the kids’ eyes.

{Texture used on all photos: Kim Klassen’s Yesteryear}

I just might “borrow” this idea for a birthday party next year!  No need to rent a venue.  Huge space for the kids to run around.  Beyond bringing the cake, no need to lug along refreshments;  we could easily buy them from the kiosks and stores by the beach.  Not much “entertainment” needed.  We just set the children loose and they pretty much entertained themselves.    Who doesn’t love the beach?

23 May 2011

I Heart Faces | Yellow


I love that Josh is back playing soccer.  Kids need to be outdoors and they need space to run about.  They need to burn off all that energy.  They need to learn sportsmanship.  They need to have fun.


Run{Some of the boys from Josh’s class chasing after the ball, during a two-on-two.}


22 May 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Sharp

1.  Sharp - Zoë in one of her dresses, blowing bubbles.  Cropped this way, it makes it appear that she’s taller and leaner than she really is.



2.  Ethereal – A calla lily, one of my favorite flowers.



3. The Sound of Music  - Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens… A little girl from the party that Zoë attended this morning.



4.  My Passion – Right now, it’s taking pictures –wherever I go.



5.  Inner Beauty – The ballerina inside Zoë’s music box


20 May 2011


I am a list-maker.  My day is more productive when I make a to-do list.  My life flows more smoothly when I make to-do lists.  Sometimes I write them on our whiteboard.  Some of my lists are on little scraps of papers or on backs of envelopes or on my Sudoku book. 


Sometimes I forget where I put the lists.  And then I just go back to la-la-la-ing through my day and it’s okay.  Most of the time.  Unless I miss a due date on a library book or I forget to file my tax return!

Do you make lists, too, or do you just keep everything in your head?

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18 May 2011

Seaweeds and Sandcastles

This is what Zoë loves to do at the beach.


Gather seaweeds to decorate her sandcastles.

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17 May 2011

Back Doing Soccer

It’s been almost a year since Josh played soccer. I had not signed him up for any after-school activity during the first term of the school year, because he had just started first grade and I wasn’t sure how he would adjust to the longer school hours compared to when he was in kindergarten.


We tried gymnastics last term, because his soccer class’ schedule conflicted with that of Zoë’s ballet class.  Josh wanted to do soccer again.  As luck would have it, I got a call from a friend whose sons Josh used to play soccer with.  She’d signed up her (twin) boys for a Saturday soccer class and asked if we would want to do soccer again.  The only hitch is that it’s all the way across town for us.  I gamely signed him up, though.  And I am so glad I did.  (Even though I did get lost driving there and arrived 10 minutes late!)


Josh was back doing something he really enjoys.  There were some of the drills that he already knew.  Some new ones, too.



He got to play with some boys he already knew.  It was in an outdoor pitch. {All our previous classes were indoors.}  There was more play time as opposed to time spent just doing drills.




They played two-on-two.



Josh scored two goals!

Sweet Shot Day 



Oh, did I mention that it’s outdoors?  I love the fact that it is.  It’s by the water. 



We made a family day out of it.  Zoë sat on Chris’s shoulders and watched from the sidelines.  Chris and I chatted with our friends in between cheering on the kids.  It was such a pleasant way to spend Saturday mornings that I am looking forward to more of these.


What do you look forward to on weekends?


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