29 May 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Self-Portrait

I groaned when I saw that one of themes for this week’s scavenger hunt is a self-portrait.  I much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.  Plus, I’ve been shyer about being in the pictures since…well, since I turned 35 and couldn’t shake off the post-baby pounds.  BUT… maybe doing selfies will give me the incentive to work out and eat more sensibly and to glorify more in being 40!

I have to say I felt very silly standing by the doorway to our bathroom and taking pictures.  Turning my head this way and that; holding my camera this way and that.  Looking slightly up so you don’t see my triple-chin.  Smiling. Not smiling. Feeling like I’m one of those girls in The Price Is Right.  You know, the ones who smile broadly as they sweep their arms across the prizes being described, the ones who hold the products up and show a lot of teeth?

Enough yakking. This is me.

2.  On the Floor – This shot was taken with me lying on the floor in our living room, shooting up at our ceiling.  I contemplated shooting something that was lying on the floor (toys mostly!), but this shot of our lights turned out to be quite interesting.

3. Classic Still Life – Okay, I had fun with this, even though I had to scrounge around for what I could use.  A couple of oranges and a dragon fruit on a chopping board.

4.  Lines – I was thinking of queues; Chris was thinking of lines actors have to learn.  We started looking for lines everywhere and free-associating.  We were walking through our car park when Chris pointed out the lines on this BMW.

5.  Fresh – My family is so used to me saying, “Stop! Let me take a picture of this first before you dig in!”  Fried noodles with beef and pepper, served on a sizzling hot plate fresh from the kitchen.


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