10 June 2011

Clover Update

Remember the four-leaf clover that Sonya sent me?  After being asked daily, “When will my four-leaf clover grow?” and hearing, “Oh, it’s not growing!” --we now have babies!  I was a bit worried there for a bit.  I did not exactly follow all the instructions on the kit. I used a bigger pot than what was provided;  I added and mixed in my own soil to what was included in the kit.  But look!


I put four bulbs into each pot.  It seems that only one bulb in each pot grew shoots.  How weird is it that in both pots, the shoots grew out near the side of the pot?  Hmmm.  Is it because that’s where the light hits?  Regardless, we’re all pretty stoked to see the babies.  You can bet we will be checking the pots multiple times a day now!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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