01 June 2011

First Ballet Performance

Sunday was a lot of firsts for Zoë.  First time wearing make-up.  First time onstage in front of a big audience (at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts!).   First ballet performance.




We’d received several pages of instructions from her ballet school and several verbal reminders about the “big day”:  Hair had to be up in two pigtails; must wear lacy ankle socks with pink leather ballet shoes; costume must be hung upside down so the tutu will be fluffy; must arrive at the theater in costume and with make-up on (specifically –blush, lip gloss, eye shadow, and mascara!); must have spare bobby pins.


I was initially told that we couldn’t take photos during the performance.  I’m glad that I brought my camera anyway, because  they’d announced right before the show started that we could take pictures for as long as we didn’t use flash.


We all thoroughly enjoyed the show and pretty much everyone was clapping along, encouraging the dancers (especially the little ones).  There were performances by the tap and jazz classes, as well as some older and some younger ballerina classes.  The little ones did so well.  Except for one child who cried and covered her face the whole time, all the rest were troopers and just danced away!  Such a joy to watch as their short little legs kept time to the music, going through their steps.



Comparing-lipstickZoë comparing lipstick with her friend.


I asked Zoë after the show if she was nervous.  She said, “No, not at all!”  I believe her.


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