17 June 2011

Handstands & Lost Teeth


Tooth update:  Josh lost another tooth just one day after he lost his third one.  The first and second teeth –he lost them within one week of each other.  It’s funny how he loses teeth in twos.



{Somebody left this newspaper on the bench and Josh just took it.  I think he was pretending that it’s a cape.}


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Zoë earned her first British Gymnastics Proficiency Badge.  She was so proud when they handed her the certificate and the badge.  Out of the 15+ students in the class, only a handful were handed a badge and certificate. 




I didn’t realize that the assessment they did with the kids at one of the sessions was a ‘serious’ one –with scores and all!   They were assessed on balance and form on 10 exercises.  To pass the assessment (and earn the badge), one has to score at least 60 out of 100 points.  Zoë got an overall score of 79.5.  You should’ve seen the huge grin on her face when she came running towards me carrying her certificate and her badge!




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Pretty much any time of the day, any day of the week, you’ll see people fishing down by the water where we live.  Not sure if they catch much of anything, though, but all up and down the waterfront, we see people sitting patiently with their rods and little buckets next to them…


Crazy Days of Summer



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