20 June 2011

I Heart Faces | Let’s Hear It for the Boys!

It’s not easy to get a good shot of Josh these days.  He’s forever making silly and goofy faces, so when I got this shot of him, I was quite pleased.  He had his arms crossed and was looking at something when he just turned around to look at me and I managed to capture this.

Six years since I first held him in my arms… six years since I first became a mother.  Now he is finishing first grade in about a week’s time.   Where has the year gone?  Where have the years gone? 

When we were talking about going to university, he was not happy at all with the idea that he might have to live on his own.  He still wants to “live with mommy and daddy.”  He said that we would have to find a university where he could still live with us.   I am writing all this down now, because I really would be interested to see if he’ll still think the same way when it’s time.


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