30 June 2011

Quarterly Favourite Photos | Apr–Jun 2011

Time for a wrap-up of my favorite photos this quarter!    I couldn’t decide on just five, so I made some collages.  Making collages is a pain, so the mere fact that I did three of them proves just how hard it was for me to simply narrow down my choice to just five.
In no particular order…
1. This is my hands-down favorite of Josh and Zoë so far.  I love that Zoë had her arm around Josh and I love the fact that they actually ran off, posed themselves, and called out to me to take this photo.
2.  I love their little hands… sometimes clammy, with pen marks all over, dirty fingernails and all.  I love the way their little hands fit in my bigger ones.  I love how they’re still a bit chubby and dimply for now.hands_thumb3
3.  Zoë’s first time on stage / first ballet performance.  I love how excited she was.  I love how she danced her heart out.  Sitting in the audience, Chris, Josh, and I were just bursting with pride.
4.  My girly girl and her beautiful smile that lights up my day.
5.  This is Zoë sitting on Chris’ shoulders while watching Josh at his soccer class.
It might seem that this quarter, it’s a bit Zoë-heavy… only because Josh is tougher to get a good shot of these days. 
 Amber {Amber’s Articles}, Sarah {Nap Time MomTog} and Courtney {Click It Up a Notch} are hosting this fun photo meme.  Do go visit with them and check out some outrageously


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