26 June 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Faceless Portrait


1.  Faceless Portrait – Zoë, our beach baby.  She has grains of sand on her back and arms from being “buried” in the sand up to her neck.



2. Eyelashes



3.  Leaf veins – I was looking for leaves with more prominent leaf veins, but these leaves caught my eye.  The underside of the leaves is red, while the top side  is your usual leaf-green.  They’re rather pretty, aren’t they?



4.  Window – From the archives, this one.  From a trip to Antibes in 2003.  While Chris was in meetings, I was exploring the old part of town.  I love the wrought iron grills on this window.



5. Paint – The Snazaroo face paint that I use on Josh and Zoë.


{Linking up with Texture Twist / Used Kim Klassen’s Chamomile Texture}



Unknown said...

Where was the pic taken of the tree with red under and green on top? Very interested.

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