29 June 2011

Shoots, Leaves, and Blooms


I have been in a bit of planting frenzy lately.  Remember the four-leaf clovers from Sonya?  First, we got those hairy shoots; now we have these…




We’ve had quite a few more clovers since this shot was taken.  When they remember, Josh and Zoë would offer to water the plants.  Catch phrase here –when they remember.  No, we are not getting any pet any time soon.4-leaf-clover-bw


My dwarf cosmos?  Is blooming.  I love its bright yellow flowers!



The coriander seeds I planted last Friday?  Look –babies!


I still have plenty of others that I hadn’t planted yet –rosemary, basil, strawberry, ornamental peppers, lavender.  I don’t have enough space on our window ledge.  Already, I have the orchids there, Tommy (who’s really tall, but no tomatoes still!), the two clover plants, the dwarf cosmos, a bonsai, a citronella-like plant (I don’t know the name), and now the coriander.
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