15 June 2011

Smiles and Smirks

There are many things in my life for which I am thankful.
And these two tikesters here?
They top the list!Smiling-duo
{They sat, posed themselves, and called out, “Mommy, take a picture!”}
Josh, it seems, has gone all big boy on us.  Once in a while, we still see that chubby-cheeked boy who called the vacuum cleaner a BACK-uh-DEEN-uh, but more often than not, he’s this little man in a 6-year old’s clothes who talks like a little adult.  We once heard him call to his friends, “Let’s go to that playground yonder!”   Yes, yonder.
But…. he’s still a kid in so many ways, too.  Last night, he lost his third tooth and this is what he wrote to the tooth fairy:
 I have lost my third tooth.  three in a row!  I am so happy,  that this proves that I am older than Chris-S. {his friend, who had lost only two teeth so far –according to Josh}  Love, Joshua



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