24 June 2011

Summer Concert – Zoë’s Turn

Zoë had her first “Summer Concert” last night.  She had  been looking forward to this ever since she watched Josh at his Summer Concert last year. I remember how she kept saying, “Next year I will be the one on stage and KoKo and you and Daddy will clap for me.” 

Since then she had watched many many times the DVD’s from Josh’s Summer Concert last year and the previous years that she could already tell which number would come next and she could sing along and do the dance moves to some of the numbers, too.  So, you could say she was totally prepared.  It was like she was working toward this one night this whole year. 

Here she is in her “costume.”  That’s her swimsuit peeking out from under the shirt.  She’s in two numbers –one in English (in the outfit you see below) and the other in Chinese (in her bathing suit).

Because we booked our seats late (yes, we had to pay to watch her perform!), we got seats on the leftmost side of the hall, but still near enough for me get some halfway decent shots with my limited zoom.
Apart from that first few seconds when she first went onstage where she was doing this thing with her tongue that she always does which betrays her nervousness and shyness, Zoë just shone.  She danced, she sang, she waved… she had fun!
Their class did extremely well.  Everybody got into it and it was such a joy to watch.  I still smile when I scroll through all the photos from last night.  I can’t wait for the DVD!  I have a feeling that we will be playing that over and over and over and over again for the coming year… until her next Summer Concert.


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