31 July 2011

This week’s photos are all from the archives. I’ve been going to bed very early every night and waking up really, really early (read: ungodly hours) and I haven’t had time to really go out and take any photo at all.


1.  Walking Empty Streets – Technically, this is not a “street,” but rather a little alley down the side of our building. 



    2. Fingertips


3.  Repeating Patterns – Huge canisters of tea at The Urban Tea Merchant (Vancouver)Repeating-Patterns


4.  Floor – Zoë at her gym class.



5.  Then and Now (My dwarf cosmos)


29 July 2011

Some More, Please…

I had one request during our beach vacation.
We had to have smores.


I’ve never had them before.  I’ve never built a fire before.  I’ve never had roasted marshmallows before.   Yes, poor deprived life of a city girl living on this side of the world.  I’d always wondered about the whole smores experience.

We brought graham crackers and Hershey bars. We brought a couple of bags of marshmallows. We brought firewood and barbecue sticks. We brought kiddies who loooooove a good treat!


When we asked Josh and Zoë what the highlight of our beach vacation was, they immediately said “Roasting marshmallows on the beach!”


We did have a couple of smores, but mostly we just roasted marshmallows and ate from the sticks.  It was lovely just sitting there roasting marshmallows while the sun set, while the kids ran around.


I’m not big into marshmallows, although I have to admit that they taste really good roasted golden brown.  I’d definitely love to do this again when we get the chance.  Especially if this is what we say goodnight to before we head on back to the beach house…


27 July 2011

Shark Attack

Tikesters up again in the middle of the night.
I’m not tired.
Is it daytime yet?
When will it be day time?

Ad nauseam until they finally got out of bed at 4:30-ish.

(At a shark display in Seaside, OR… Josh clowning around while we waited for Chris to bring the car around.)

I hope tonight will be better.
I hope they will wake up more easily from their midday naps…
Or should I just keep them up sans nap and have a very early dinner
and get them off to bed at 6pm?
We seemed to have gotten over jet lag better in the previous years.

(Another photo taken from the beach behind our rental house in Oregon)

But then, what’s a few days of jet lag after a fantastic vacation?

26 July 2011

For the Birds

Whew!  We just got back last night.  Three weeks just whizzed by.  We all had such a fun time with the family and the kids had a total blast with their cousins.


This year, it was a clear girls-play-with-girls and boys-play-with-boys thing.  Zoë and Pretty K were inseparable.  The four boys pretty much ignored the girls and created imaginary battles and carried on with their fighting games.  Josh and Zoë couldn’t wait to get out of bed each morning to play with their cousins.  It was like a 24/7 play date!


I’ll probably be sharing more photos in the coming days (and probably weeks!), but I am so tired right now.  The kids kept waking up last night saying that they’re not tired and they finally got out of bed at 4am this morning!


Here are a couple of photos from our trip to the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary in Delta.






Thank you to all of you who left lovely comments in all the posts while we were on vacation.  I will soon catch up with all of you.


Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

25 July 2011

24 July 2011

1.  Music to My Ears – Josh’s laughter, definitely.


2.  Hat – Our super cute, super huggable nephew / godson.

3.  Out of This World

4.  Clear – The beach that we was at the back of the house we rented in Oregon felt almost like a private beach.  The few times we managed to go there (when it wasn’t pouring), the beach was pretty isolated.

22 July 2011


Up until we came to Canada, Zoë was still napping every day in the afternoon. Of course, with all the cousins to play with and with so many things to explore, she had been skipping her naps, until this…


I can’t remember what we did that day, but Zoë decided to curl up against Chris while he was watching something on his notebook and before we knew it, her head was rising and falling with each breath Chris was taking.


Zoë had her first taste of mini-golf today with her cousin A.  Chris took her.  I stayed home with Josh, who opted to play some Star Wars game on the computer with his other cousins.  Zoë came home and announced that she had a really great time.  I asked if she had a hole-in-one and she said, “Yes… and I had a hole-in-four, too!”

20 July 2011

Strike While the Iron Is Hot

…or in our case, do as much as we could outdoors while it’s not raining!  It hadn’t really felt like summer –weather-wise, –here in Vancouver.  So when we had a bit of sun yesterday, we packed up the kids and drove to Fort Langley.

We mainly visited the Fort Langley National Historic Site.  The kids had a super time and so did we.  This, however, was the highlight of Zoë’s visit (according to her), besting even the petting zoo where she got to cuddle a bunny. 





…because “it was a girl doing the stuff.”

19 July 2011

Gold Rush

We took the kids to Fort Langley (British Columbia) today and they panned for gold.



Could this be gold?

Study 1 - black border (resized 150)

I Heart Faces | Props

A pretty pettiskirt.
A twig.
A happy smile.


No other prop needed.


17 July 2011

1. Headlights – Coming from our short vacation across the border.  On the Alex Fraser Bridge around 9pm at night.


2.  Black and White – Zoë drawing a picture of herself on the sand.


3.  Reflection in Glass


4.  Seeing Double – You see that little mound in front of Zoë?  It’s like a replica of the rock formation (Haystack) behind her.  A bit of a stretch, I know…


5.  My pretty little niece –BAREfoot on the beach.  Look at the endless stretch of sand.  We pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves (the one behind the house we rented).  To say that we all had a lovely time at the beach would be an understatement. 


15 July 2011




Twirly skirt.



Absolute bliss for this little girl.


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13 July 2011

At the Beach

It’s summer and we are at the beach in Seaside, Oregon.
But look at what Zoë’s wearing.


It was too cold to swim.
I waded in and in less than two minutes, my feet were numb.
The water was freezing cold!


That did not stop the kids from having lots of fun, though –
…and getting very wet!

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