08 July 2011


I pretty much could walk into any park here and I could get shots of old people whiling away the time chatting, reading newspapers, playing checkers, etc.  I could if I’m not worried about getting chewed out. 

These photos below were taken with the help of Josh and Zoë.  They were playing and I was taking photos of them.  A few times they ran in front of the benches and I got in a few shots of the people sitting there.  I did initially get a couple of stares from them initially, but in the end, they probably decided that I was just was trying to take pictures of Josh and Zoë. 
{I might not be posting as much these coming few weeks or be able to drop by and visit as much.  We are currently summering (that’s a word, right?) with family.  I will definitely catch up when we get back home.}

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