22 July 2011


Up until we came to Canada, Zoë was still napping every day in the afternoon. Of course, with all the cousins to play with and with so many things to explore, she had been skipping her naps, until this…


I can’t remember what we did that day, but Zoë decided to curl up against Chris while he was watching something on his notebook and before we knew it, her head was rising and falling with each breath Chris was taking.


Zoë had her first taste of mini-golf today with her cousin A.  Chris took her.  I stayed home with Josh, who opted to play some Star Wars game on the computer with his other cousins.  Zoë came home and announced that she had a really great time.  I asked if she had a hole-in-one and she said, “Yes… and I had a hole-in-four, too!”


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