26 August 2011


Are you the type that tans very easily or are you like Josh and Chris, who hardly ever get any tan?   Zoë is like me.   Just a few minutes in the sun and we get tan lines.

Look at how brown she is these days…



These were taken the other day right before we left for her ballet class.  This week’s classes are “special”  themed classes and were put together just for the last week of summer.  I’d signed her up for The Nutcracker and for Pirouetting Princesses.  In Pirouetting Princesses, she gets to wear her princess outfit and twirl around and around.   How much do you think she’ll love that?


Dominique@Dominique's Desk said...

She really looks very tan in the photos. Its really super hot now in HK... am baking while one holiday here.

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