02 August 2011

Dribbling for FroYo

We’ve been back a week now.  We’re now waking up at 6am.  I would love to get at least another hour in, but hey, it’s a vast improvement over waking up at 4am.  The kids just want to veg at home.  I can’t blame them.  By about 4-ish in the afternoon, they’re usually beat and don’t feel like playing downstairs.

Chris and I lured them downstairs yesterday…
Dribbling-2 Sweet Shot Day 
with the promise of frozen yogurt
Dribbling-textured1 (Texture:  Kim Klassen’s Scripted Edges)

–after a game of kick.


Josh got a good work out.
Zoë did, too
–in her pretty little dress which
she refused to trade for shorts and a tee.
Study 1 - black border (resized 150)


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