03 August 2011

He Writes (I Type!)

This boy has hired me.
To be his secretary.
(He’s all flushed and sweaty from running around.)
He is writing a book.
A book called “The Treasure of the Ancient Ruins.”
He had written the first two chapters on his sketchbook, then he came to me and asked that I type it up.  I asked him to just continue writing in his sketchbook.  He countered that (1) I wouldn’t want him to waste the pages of his sketchbook and (2) it would be faster if I just type while he dictates the story to me.  Fine.  Type I did while he dictated. 
I had to ask him to slow down a few times.  There were parts where he got a bit carried away as he really got into the plot.  There were a couple of times when I had to step out;  he took over and slowly pecked away.

We took breaks. Breaks where he would go away for a few minutes “to think.”  He’d come back and we’d go to work again.  Sometimes he would ask me to “backspace” some lines; sometimes he would ask that I change a period to an exclamation point.

Then this little girl joined us and wanted in on the fun.

Her brother agreed to let her collaborate on the story “as long as there are no princesses and fairies.”  She agreed.  He did not say that mermaids were taboo, too, so there was a mention of mermaids somewhere… and parties and jelly beans.  He was quick to steer the story back to looking for lost treasure, though.

We’re on Chapter 7 now.  He said that we’ll work some more tomorrow.  I might be biased, but I am impressed with how the story flows so far.  I might share part of his work when we’re done, although be warned:  He is ambitious and he wants his book illustrated, too!  This project could take a while… 

(Josh reading at the lounge while waiting for our flight to board.)


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