10 August 2011

High Tea | The Urban Tea Merchant

This summer, my sisters-in-law and I decided to go for high tea one day.   No husbands, no kids –just us girls and my mother-in-law.  We went to The Urban Tea Merchant in downtown Vancouver.

All of us opted for their Petite Afternoon Tea, which came with a small selection of tea sandwiches, macaroons, scones, chocolate-coated strawberries, etc.  It might not look like much, but I was stuffed when we were done.

We each also got to select our choice of premium tea from their very extensive list.  I picked the Geisha Blossom (I loved this!).  I think we also got Singapore Breakfast, Place Vendome, and one other… Regardless, each one was exquisite.  Some people like wine-tasting;  I love tea-tasting. High-Tea-Collage1-(wm)If ever you find yourselves in Vancouver, do stop by The Urban Tea Merchant.  Even if you do not have time for a leisurely afternoon tea, you could browse their shop and check out the wonderful, exotic wares (fabrics, prints, tea ware, etc.) that they have on display or sample the tea that they have brewed for tasting.


Susan said...

Beautiful! I love high tea! (and wine tasting) Vancouver is such a beautiful place! Did you make it to Victoria as well? They have the most beautiful hanging baskets in the summer!

tinajo said...

It looks fantastic - I can understand you enjoyed that! In Sweden we use paper stars just like that during christmas - then all windows are full of them! :-)

a happy little life said...

What a happy place!!! It made me happy to just visit through your eyes!
I'm not a wine tasting kind of girl but I can apperciate a beautiful cup of tea.

Maddy said...

So fun!! We had a great little tea shop in our neighborhood that recently went out of business. It was fantastic! I always told myself I would return with girlfriends, but didn't have the change before it closed.

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