22 August 2011

I Heart Faces | Pets

I’ve never seen something like this before… a mobile pet spa!  As Zoë and I were coming back from an errand, we saw this parked by the side of the road.  People would bring their pets and hand them over to the grooming crew.  The pets get “washed” and groomed inside and you could actually see what’s happening through the glass panels on the side of the van.  How cool is that?

I know that this theme calls for photos of pets, but I thought this is too interesting not to share.
{Edit:  Oops, I didn’t know that there are actually plenty of these in the US.  This is the first (and only) one I’ve seen around here. }


Susan said...

Very cool. I like that you watch the process through a window!

tinajo said...

I´ve never seen something like this - but it would be very handy to just hand over my cat and dog once in a while! :-D

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