25 August 2011

A Regular Zoë Day

Josh is back in school.  We still have one week to go before Zoë goes back to hers.  In the meantime, she’s been hosting tea parties for her “babies” (her dolls).  She ropes me in to be the queen to her princess.  She goes down to the bus stop to see Josh off in the mornings.  Comes back for her breakfast.  She does a few pages of her activity book; does one page of Chinese writing.  Draws.  Plans “beforemances” for when she puts on a show for us at bedtime.  She goes grocery-shopping with me.  Goes downstairs to play with her friends.  She “helps” with the dishes.  She asks to watch “The Fairies.”  She asks if she can have something to eat (every hour, it seems!).

She keeps busy being Zoë.
Being our lovable little girl.
A little girl who always makes us smile.  Big.


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