23 August 2011

Rules Schmules

Most days I’m a rule-follower.  Most days.  That’s just the way I’ve been raised.  That’s not to say that I don’t have a bit of a rebel streak in me.


When Josh and I visited the Hong Kong Maritime Museum the other day, I took photos where I was not supposed to have taken any.  Uh oh.  In my defense, I did look around for “No Photography” signs and saw none –not a single one anywhere in the gallery.  I also had my camera hanging around my neck when the guard ushered us into their Ancient Gallery after we handed over our tickets.  He did not say anything to me about not being allowed to take photos in there.  I also saw other people taking photos with their phones and with their point-and-shoot cameras.




I’d snapped quite a few before a boy, about 12, muttered to me, “There is no photography allowed in here.”  I asked him to point out the sign to me.  He just repeated what he mumbled earlier.  We were almost near the Ancient Gallery’s exit, so I just let it go.




Of course, the second we got out, I approached the guard and asked if we could take pictures.  He explained that we could in the Modern Gallery, but not in the Ancient Gallery where we were just in.  Ah.  It was then that I spotted the tiny “No camera” sign –not on the door to the gallery where one could plainly see it, but on the side of door sill… posted in a way such that if one doesn’t turn one’s head to look specifically in that direction, one could totally miss it.  Oh well.  I already have my photos –all taken before I was made aware of the rule.   I’m not going to delete them.



(This giant LV case was from the Modern Gallery.)


Are you a rule-follower or a rule-breaker?

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