21 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Hanging by a Thread

1. Hanging by a Thread – This Coke delivery truck caught my eye, made me look twice.  I hurriedly took a shot, as it was very hot and Josh and I were both tired and just wanted to get back to the car to go pick up Zoë at her play date.  It wasn’t until I was uploading this photo that I realized that the “doors” were closed and that the crates of Coke that I thought were real were part of the giant stickers on the doors.  What a cool, creative concept!



2. On the Dotted Line – The bus straddled stopped on the dotted (dashed) line when letting off passengers.  A bit of a stretch for this theme, I know.




3.  Geometry – This old shopping center got a facelift and now has these squares and rectangles  on its facade for a relatively more modern look.




4.  Brushstrokes – Calligraphy on a t-shirt.  There are shops in Stanley that ‘translate’ your English name into Chinese (if you don’t already have a Chinese name) and they could print the Chinese characters onto a t-shirt for you.




5.  Collage – It’s late Saturday night and I have an early day tomorrow.  Together with friends, we’re taking the kids to an out-of-town country club for a final hurrah before school starts next week (for Josh and my friends’ children, anyway).  I don’t have the energy to put together a new collage, so I am re-posting one that I posted earlier this week. (I personally find it very painstaking to put together collages, so I would greatly welcome suggestions on easier ways to make them.)



Susan said...

Great finds, and I love your cute collage!

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