14 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Ink

1. Ink
2.  Buttons – The kids and I were playing around with the whiteboard at Chris’ office and we were trying to come up with as many things as we could with the red round magnets.  Here’s one (I’ll do another post on the others we came up with in the next couple of days)…
Buttons33.  Frame Within a Frame – Zoë with her Uncle R.

Zoe and Uncle R.

4.  Best Part of My Day – When we were still suffering from jet lag during our first week back from our trip, there were a couple of times when Josh woke up in the middle of the night and crawled into our bed.  He would wake up really early and he would call to me, “Mommy, look!”  We would be both sit there quietly by the window, –not quite fully awake, but not sleepy anymore, –and watch sky change colors.  I would look down and see that the street lights were still on;  we would marvel at the rays of sun peeking from behind the mountains.  We were tickled that we could still see the moon.   On one such occasion, we both grabbed our cameras and started taking pictures… but mostly, we would just sit and be.


5.  Against the Light


tinajo said...

Beautiful photos, especially love "Best part of my day". :-)

Rachel said...

Beautiful captures! And that high-up perspective??? Gave me butterflies!

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