28 August 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Night Photography

1. Night Photography – This is a view from our bedroom window on yet another full moon night (different from the one I posted here).  Because of how the windows open out, I get a very limited opening through which I’d get an unobstructed shot.  I don’t have a tripod, so this shot was taken with my camera resting on one of those childproofing grills and with me taking a deep breath and breathing out as the shot went down.  Still not as sharp as I would have liked, but I’ll take it.  I love the light on the water.




2.  Old and New - I could not find something old and new in one shot, so here are two totally unrelated items that are old and new.


Old travel papers and old suitcase



Josh’s new Poetry Journal which he gets to bring home from school every Friday



3.  Sun – I love the rays of afternoon sun that sneaked through the slats to lightly land on the girls as they busied themselves with their water play.




4. Music – Dragon boat racers paddle to the beat of this drum.




5. Cheesy – This one is from the archives… from a pizza-making party that Zoë attended.



Gunsside said...

Great post, and i really like your Nightshot :))

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