30 August 2011


Zoë has this love affair with shrimps and prawns.  And squids.  Sometimes she accompanies our helper when she goes to the market.  Without fail, when she does, they always come back with fresh squids or fresh prawns, because she would insist on getting some.

No sooner had she put her shoes away and washed her hands, she would immediately head to the kitchen and ask to “clean” the shrimps and squids.  She would actually shoo us away and tell us that she could manage just fine on her own.  And she actually could.  After being shown how to do it properly once. (Don’t worry, we cut off the heads and the prickly bits first before letting her at them.)


I wonder if this is a passing phase –her love of seafood and her enthusiasm for preparing them for cooking.  I love shrimps and prawns, –always had, since I was a child, –but I’d never had any interest in wanting to help clean them.


Josh, on the other hand, absolutely hates shrimps and squids.  He would make gagging noises and would move his plate away from ours when he knows we have prawns or squids on ours.  I don’t know what has gotten into him. He’s not allergic to them and he used to eat them quite a bit when he was younger.  Oh well, more for me and Zoë then.

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