27 August 2011

Until Next Year…

I still am not done processing all the photos from this summer.  At the rate this is taking me, our next summer holiday will be here and I still won’t be done.  Anyway, I was looking through and these ones totally make me long for next summer –when we could do it all over again!






We always go blueberry-picking, but this year, because it was a bit too early in the season for blueberries, we picked raspberries. 




Of course, I had to be taught by my 4-year old how to pick raspberries: “You have to twist and pull, Mommy.” This was when she saw me having difficulty plucking one. Well, what do you know? It worked! I asked her how she knew. She airily told me, “Special Agent Oso” and then she walked off to pick some more, sneaking one or two into her mouth.



The cousins dragging our haul back to be weighed.



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