12 August 2011

A Visit to Daddy’s Office

Zoë is particularly clingy to Chris these days.  Every morning when Chris heads out the door, Zoë would be crying, trying to hold on to him, saying that she wants “to go with Dada to the office.”  Same thing happens again when Chris leaves for the office after lunch.


So today, to distract her when Chris was leaving for the office, I’d promised that we would make some carrot muffins with cream cheese frosting.  Now that we’d renovated the kitchen, the counter is lower;  she could now easily stand on a stool and “help.”   And help she did. 
We brought the muffins over to Chris’ office at around 5-ish.  The minute we stepped through, the staff made a fuss over Josh and Zoë and one by one came around and offered them treats –lollies, pretzel sticks, candies, etc.   I gave Josh and Zoë each a small bag to hold their stash, which promptly gave them the idea of running around to everyone to trick-or-treat, trying to see if they could score some more!
No visit to Chris’ office is complete without them feeding the paper shredder, which they did.
To get the tikesters out of Chris’ hair for a bit, we checked out the fish tank and then played a modified version of Pictionary on the whiteboard until Chris was ready to go.  
It was fun being able drop in with the kids and walk home with Chris.  The hitch is that the kids had their dinner later than usual and this totally throws them off their schedule.  Later dinner = later bath time = later bedtime = overtired kids.  NOT fun.
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tinajo said...

No - overtired kids aren´t too fun, mine usually become like crazy rabbits when they are..! :-D However it´s definately worth it times as this, it was great fun for the kids I´m sure! :-)

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