05 August 2011

What a Summer!


(Josh and his cousins Big K enjoying a triple-berry milkshake after berry-picking.)


Once a year, Josh and Zoë and their cousins all get together.  All of us fly in from different places and meet up and stay at my mother-in-law’s house.  It’s like a giant sleepover, a play date that lasts for three weeks.




The kids wake up, brush their teeth without being told, get changed, and couldn’t get away fast enough to play with their cousins.  They eat their meals together.   We often plan trips out together. 


This year it’s been easier for us grown-ups in the sense that the children are now older and can play better with less supervision.  The two girls in their own pretend world of fairies and princesses and dancers.  The boys in their universe of battles and bad guys and jedis.  It’s so wonderful that they are all close together in age, with two youngest girls being only six months apart.




Every year, we try to get at least one good shot of all the cousins. The operative word here is try. It is not easy to get all six of them to look at the camera at the same time.  One would make faces.  One would have the eyes half-closed.  One would be looking at the wrong camera.  One would be bored or distracted and go off…




But then again, sometimes it kind of works out.  We get pictures of how kids really are… best at being their natural selves, not posed.


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