16 August 2011

Whiteboard Fun

How many ways could you find a use for those {red} round magnets on the whiteboard?  That was what Josh, Zoë, and I were trying to find out while waiting for Chris to finish work the other day.

Here are a few that we came up with…

I drew the clown and the birds; Zoë did the butterfly; the rest were Josh’s.

Zoë drew this one below and proceeded to sound out and write volcano (!).  The letters that follow –“dits it sl…” –are supposed to stand for “that is shooting…” and then she managed to sound out and spell lava.  Josh added Mount St. Helens.


Another one of Josh’s, of course –a bomber plane dropping bombs on a tank.  The shooting piece of the tank broke off, he said.


This is supposed to be a scene from the Angry Birds game –drawn by Josh.  The girl on the lower right corner playing with her pet birds was drawn by Zoë.


Princess Zoë’s self-portrait, with falling star.

Study 1 - black border (resized 150) Sweet Shot Day


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