07 September 2011

Future Climber?

No question that this little monkey is ours.


We had decided to check out the playroom in the new community center that opened recently.   It’s  a huge padded room, with a play gym in the middle and the climbing wall.  That’s it, nothing else.  But it was more than enough for the children.  The parents could chill on the bench by one of the walls –read, chat, surf, etc., –and know that the children are safe and are having fun.

Watching her navigate her way up that wall totally made me go, “Yay, Zoë!”  The lower part was easy enough, but the challenge was how to traverse that patch of empty wall in-between, especially as her short little legs could not reach high enough to the next hold.   But she somehow hoisted herself up by keeping her hands on the hold and walking her feet up the wall, until they reached the next foothold.  Go, Zoë, go!
{Psst, check out this photo of her up on a climbing wall when she just turned 2.}


KERRY said...

Wow what a great photo and an amazing accomplishment for little legs!! lol (she did better than I would do!)
Stopping by from La Familia Aissa's Wordless Wednesday link-up!

My SoCal Life said...

yeah zoe is right!!

Jennifer Thompson said...

The first shot is fabulous! I love the bright colors.

Amy said...

She is adorable! I have a climber at home but she climbs on cabinets, ugggh! Can't stop her. Maybe I should let her try it as a sport ;)

shopannies said...

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