23 September 2011

My Scout

…with the missing front teeth!


Josh had his first Beaver Scouts meeting yesterday.  After all this time searching for an English-speaking scouts group, I was really happy to learn that his school has one. 

No, they hadn’t learned to tie knots and climb ropes (yet), but they did decorate cupcakes and Josh had a great time doing so.

Psst, anyone finding it a tad ironic that Josh is a Beaver Scout and he is missing his front teeth?


tinajo said...

Haha, well yes - that is a bit ironic! :-D He´s super cute and the cupcake looks delicious. My boys are scouts and they love it. :-)

Have a great Friday!

Erika B said...

Just look at that gap! I think they look so cute when they lose those upper front teeth.

Erika B

Pix-Ology said...

Those are the best smiles!! Great picture

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