18 September 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Street Photography

1.  Street Photography – I love walking around, pretending to be a tourist.  I’d be perfectly happy walking around different parts of town, taking random shots of random scenes.


A sidewalk vendor near the Chai Wan market



2.  From a Distance



3.  Sunday – The only thing that makes the collage below ‘fit’ into the theme is that all the shots were taken on a Sunday.Sunday4.  Liquid – Not quite liquid, but not quite solid either.  Growing up, this was one of my favorite desserts –douhua (tofu pudding).  These days, we try to order a bucket whenever we go and have dim sum.   The kids and Chris love this, too –with lots of ginger syrup!




5.  Behind – On the way home from church, we were behind this Jag, which was behind a mini-bus, which was behind a big bus.



(Processed with seven layers of Kim Klassen’s Serious Magic texture)



Anonymous said...

lovely set of shots for this week!

Brianne said...

From a distance is great!

tinajo said...

Tofu pudding huh? Sounds interesting, have never heard of it here in Sweden but it shouldn´t be impossible to find a recipe. :-)

Irela said...

These are all beautiful. (And Zoe is adoralbe!!!!)

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