25 October 2011

Kuching : The Food Edition

We went for a short trip to Kuching, Malaysia last weekend.  From the moment we landed until the day we left, it’s been non-stop eating.  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much over a weekend, ever.


It was an uncle’s 81st birthday celebration and then there were the get-togethers with Chris’ cousins and aunt and uncles. 


Mixed veggies / Glazed lamb fillets

Everywhere we went, there was food –plenty of food.  We stayed with D and A and their girls.  They took us around and made sure we had all the food that we’ve been craving for.  We hit the hawker centers. 


First stop was for kolo mee (Flash-boiled egg noodles served with crushed garlic and shallot, minced pork, vinegar, pork oil, and sliced barbecue pork known as char siu).  I think I could dedicate an entire post to kolo mee.  We love it so much that we had 20 packs frozen and took them home with us!


We had iced cendol at “Mr. Yeo Number 2.”  He had really quirky names for his dessert offerings:  Angry Bird, I Love You Forever, Lady Gaga, Kung Fu Panda, etc. 




For breakfast one day, we had nasi lemak and Indian curry.  Let me just state here for the record that it was the best nasi lemak I’ve ever had.  The curry was out-of-this-world yummy, too!


Roti thosay with curry dip / Nasi lemak

We had keropok –lots of it.  Chris and the kids had fresh durian




There was rojak, laksa, buttered prawns, lanzones (picture below), etc.  I don’t even remember all that we ate, but let me just say that the food was super delicious!




As soon as we’ve recovered from the food overload, I’m pretty sure we’ll be looking forward to when we’ll be visiting again!  First, we’ll have to lose the 20 or so kilos that we’d gained this weekend.


Thank you so much, D & A, for your wonderful, wonderful hospitality!


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Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, everything looks soooo good. I totally would have had the "Happy Elf" at Mr. Yeo Number 2.

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