16 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Abstract

1.  Round  - Instead of a popcorn sale, the PTA at Josh’s school decided to do Fruity Friday.  A few of the parents came in to help. Some of us learned to peel and cut up a pineapple for the first time (!).  The children had a choice of bringing in their own fork and own container for the fruits or buying a fruit kebab (for HK$1 more).





2.  Fire – This is one from the archives, from our trip to Oregon, from our first time having smores on the beach.




3.  Seeing Faces in Strange Places  - Beyond the obvious face in the Kumon sign, do you see the other “face” (a profile) on the shiny chrome surface?  It looks like one of those superheroes (The Flash?) –you know the ones in tights, with a black eye mask? 





4.  Stars – Let’s just pretend that they are stars, okay?  These are some of the lights that are on the whole year round each evening down by the seaside promenade.  I always thought they look so pretty against the night sky –all hanging in a row, in clusters.





5.  Abstract – Could you tell that this is the same shot as the one for Stars?  I was playing around with Levels on that photo and accidentally pushed the Black all the way to the end.  What it left me was white blotches against a black background.  I just decided to play with it further by adding colors to the white blotches.  How’s that for abstract art?  =)



  • Happily Mother After

    Anonymous said...

    i love the abstract art youve created, and also the actual lights.

    Lauren said...

    Great pictures....I especially like the last one. It's so fun to play with editing and make interesting pics from the ordinary. Thanks for linking up again this week at HMA! So glad to have you! :)

    Saun said...

    Nicely done, my favorites are your faces and fire pics.

    tinajo said...

    Turned out really cool, the art! :-) Looove that fruit plate, so delicious! :-)

    Susan said...

    Fun finds. S’mores on the beach are the best! (Unless you accidentally drop them in the sand…) :- ) Love your faces shot as well.

    Anonymous said...

    Great shots! The fruit kabobs look delicious!

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