02 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | Inspired by a Book

1.  Inspired by a Book – I’ve read and enjoyed most of Chris Bohjalian’s novels.  Although Skeletons at the Feast  has good reviews, I still hesitate.  These days I prefer to read “lighter” subjects and a book about German refugees during WWII as they flee the oncoming Russian army is a bit heavy for my liking at the moment. I might revisit this book later, though, because I really do enjoy Bohjalian’s books.




2. Brown – Sometimes to hear Josh speak, you’d think he’s a teenager, but I guess he’s not “teen” enough yet to not to want to wear the shoes that I pick out.  I love this pair on him.  They still scream “little boy.”  I’m trying to hold on to my growing-too-fast boy for a while longer. 



(Processed with Kim Klassen’s The Ladder texture.)


3. Hazy – I took this shot during our short walk tonight.  The bright lights around the pool created a bit of a haze.  (Sorry, a bit of a stretch for this theme, I know.)




4. Coffee or Tea – While I love the smell of coffee, I am very much a tea drinker.  Green tea, specifically.  Strange, though, that I love coffee-flavored anything, but not so much green tea-flavored stuff.  (This photo is from our visit to The Urban Tea Merchant this summer.) 




5. Linger – We walked to the library this morning and on the way back, instead of heading directly home, we lingered a bit downstairs when I saw this woman wearing this interesting hat working on the plants –pruning and clearing the area of loose leaves and twigs. 




Also Josh and Zoë spotted an army of ants moving a dead bug and wanted to watch.  They had watched (and poked), while I tried to get a few shots in of the woman as inconspicuously as I could.





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