30 October 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday | The Tree

1.  Macro / Close-Up – I don’t have any macro lens.  This was as close as I could get without losing focus.  I love orchids.  Chris’ cousin took us to the Orchid Garden while we were in Kuching.  They had a lot of different varieties of orchids –different colors, some big, some small, all gorgeous.




2. Found Texture – As a lark, we put Zoë inside this huge urn.  She was a good sport about it and posed for quite a few shots.




 Look Whooooo’s Snapping


3. Home – A shot of the plane we took on the way home.  I got a few stares from the other passengers as I walked down the aisle with my camera towards the back of the plane.  They were probably wondering why I would take my camera with me to the washroom (!). 




4. Cover – This little girl is totally fascinated with umbrellas.  It was drizzling a bit that day when we visited with one of Chris’ cousins, so there were umbrellas lying around.  She just picked one up (of course, she picked a pink one!) and walked around and twirled about and asked me to take pictures while she posed this way and that.




5. The Tree – I have never ever seen a tree like this before.  This was one of three trees at the Orchid Garden that had these spiky thorns up and down their trunks.  Of the three, this one had the most thorns. I’d tried to gingerly put my hand on it to balance myself as I tried to shoot up from its base; the thorns were VERY sharp.  If ever there was a tree that screams out “Don’t climb me!” this one is it.



Happily Mother After


Carletta said...

All of these are wonderful but I love the one of Zoe in the urn! Her smile is contagious!
Have a great Sunday!
Carletta@Round The Bend

Susan said...

What fun! Love that thorn tree, I saw one like it in a garden once, and it had a huge chain around it to protect the visitors, it looked painful! Zoe and the urn made me think of Pooh Bear and his honey pot for some reason, so cute! Love the colorful seats too, I’m glad you braved the stares, the shot turned out lovely!

MG Atwood said...

Wow! Great set. the tree is amazing, I too have never seen one like it. Texture, and macro are fabulous.

Bestfoodies said...

Wow, that is a colorful airplane! Cover is so cute...she is precious with the umbrella!

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