11 October 2011

Why Do Leaves Shake When the Wind Blows?

Josh gets to check out three books a week from his school’s Learning Center.  He almost always comes home with one Mr. Men book, one Geronimo Stilton, and one Star Wars chapter book.   Last week, in place of a Star Wars book, he checked out The Magic School Bus and the Science Fair Expedition.

After reading the book, he asked for a piece of paper and announced that he’s going to do an experiment.  One by one, he brought over to the fan a balloon, one of Zoe’s dolls, and a few other objects to see what happens when the fan blows on them.  He then proceeded to record his findings.

I love that he gets  inspired by the things he reads.  I love that he loves writing down things and making lists.  I love that he loves learning. 

We have quite a few of his lists and homemade signs posted all over the place.  He helps himself to adhesive tape and attaches these pieces of paper on the door, to the wall, etc.  It makes our place look messy, but I don’t really mind.  Josh is not going to be a child forever and I know that I will look back on these and smile.
Study 1 - black border (resized 150)


tinajo said...

They are so cool our little boys - aren´t they?! I love everything about this too, it makes me giddy inside when my boy writes his stories. Reminds me of me too since I did exactly the same in his age. :-)

Have a great day my friend! :-)

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