16 November 2011

Acrostic What?

Remember I’d mentioned about how Josh’s class is focusing on poetry?  Well, his homework this week is to write an acrostic poem about an emotion.

He’d already tried his hand at writing acrostic poems (Remember Jedi?).  I think he actually enjoys doing this kind of poetry, because it gives some form of structure around which he could build his thoughts.  Each line of the poem begins with a letter in the topic word and that all the lines relate to the topic.

Josh did a poem about SAD.  I asked if that’s because he felt sad. He said, “No, I’m happy, but sad has only three letters.” 

Here is Josh’s SAD poem:

sadI think I got a very good education, but I don’t remember writing poetry at age 6.  Is it because children these days are smarter?  Is it because they get exposed to many more things at a younger age, that they get more opportunities to do different things?  Is it because the educators themselves these days are better trained?  Probably yes, yes, and yes.

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tinajo said...

Most likely yes, yes and yes - but still pretty awesome! Love his poem! :-)

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