18 November 2011

Color Me Impressed

Yes, another poem from Josh.
I just had to share this one.
The imagery.  Enough said.


But woman betrayed?
Aiya!  As the old Chinese ladies would exclaim.

I asked Josh what “betrayed” means.  He said that he’s not very sure, but felt that it sounded good having that line there.  Poetic license.  Let’s give him that.

We’ve been invited to go to his school this afternoon where his class will have a poetry and painting sharing session.  Josh said that the above poem is what he will be sharing.

By the way, the font color and background color in the image above were specified by Josh.  He wanted red and black because “they go well with the emotion the poem is talking about” –aggressiveness.

Color me impressed.


Ewa said...

:)) you have a poet there :))

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