22 November 2011

Creamy Chicken with Peaches | Comfort Food

Josh had been requesting that I make this for a while now, so last week, I did.  He had seconds and thirds.  He thanked me profusely (as profusely as a 6-year old could) for making it.


It’s so easy to make and it’s always a hit.  The reason I don’t make it as often, though, is that I love it too much.  Like Josh, I would have seconds, too.  And it’s creamy.  Full of cream.  Filled with creamy heavenliness.

I got the recipe from here, but tweaked it a little to suit our taste. Instead of chicken breast fillets, I’d cubed the chicken.  I used extra shallots; I love shallots.  No fresh peaches, so I used canned peaches (drained); I put lots –much more than what was called for in the recipe.  Used extra chicken broth and cream, because we love it very sauce-y.  I topped up the amount of balsamic vinegar.

The tartness of the balsamic vinegar counters the richness of the cream.  The shallots, the basil all add to the fragrant aroma.  The peaches are always a hit with the kids. 

Try it at least once.  You’ll either thank me or you’ll curse me, but I guarantee that you’ll love it.

What would be your comfort food?


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