15 November 2011

Dress-Up and Make-Up

It was Around the World Day at Zoë’s school last Friday, so she finally got the chance to wear the costume my friend had passed along to us.  It’s an outfit worn by one of the cultural tribes in northern (or western?) China.


Zoë did not want to wear the head gear at first.  She said that she felt silly wearing it, but when I brought her to the mirror and she saw herself, she smiled so widely.  From the moment we stepped out of the elevator to when she finally got to school, everyone who saw her fussed over how pretty she looked.  She was absolutely tickled.

After school, she had a play date at her friend’s house.  This friend, S, has a whole closetful of princess costumes.  Zoë got to be Cinderella (her favorite princess); one friend was Ariel;  another was Snow White. 


Yes, that is make-up that you see on her.  The girls disappeared into the castle/room and minutes later, Zoë came out sporting make-up.  Make-up as only a 4-year old could apply.   S put make-up on all her friends.  Good thing Zoë was not that into the make-up and didn’t kick up a fuss when I took it off after we left.  She understood that “make-up is for grown-ups, but it’s okay to for kids have make-up for a (ballet) performance.” 

How old before you started wearing make-up?  How old before little girls could start wearing make-up?

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